Influencing the City, the Nation and the World
ACK St. Stephen's Cathedral Jogoo RoadACK St. Stephen's Cathedral Jogoo RoadACK St. Stephen's Cathedral Jogoo Road
Nairobi, Kenya

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St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Jogoo Road, Nairobi, Kenya,

“Influencing the City, the Nation and the World”

When St. Stephens Church was moved from Jackson Road (the current parliament building site) to Jogoo Road, it was meant to be the Anglican African Cathedral as All Saints Cathedral was already serving the white settlers community. The church immediately found a building congregation as it was built amid an African residential area. The railway workers in the nearby Makongeni estate, Government Quarters, Bahati, Mbotela, Landmawe, Muthurwa, Shaurimoyo, Makadara, and the up-coming Maringo estates, supplied an immediate congregation. The new church had been fitted with a pipe Organ which had been sourced from South Africa. The nearby Church Army College provided an immediate clergy support. One of the sisters in Church Army, Sister Martin started playing the organ even as she encouraged congregational singing.

The Right Rev. Joel Waweru

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